Your secure node A validator node run by a professional team ensuring high security, efficiency, and transparency Top quality Radix staking service
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Go to Wallet
Login to your Radix wallet to start staking
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Delegate your tokens using the “Stake & Unstake” function in the wallet
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Node Address
Copy & paste the topradixnode address to the “Validator” field in the wallet

Topradixnode Validator Address:


About us
Why Choosing topradixnode?
Topradixnode is a London based node operator managed by a team of financial technology and DevOps professionals who are fully dedicated to supporting the Radix platform. Our mission is to serve the Radix ecosystem by providing high quality, honest and transparent service to delegators.
  • Infrastructure: We use secure AWS (Amazon Cloud service) infrastructure maintained by DevOps engineer who is certified solution architect.
  • Security:  We follow security best practices to protect our server. Our node is built on the world’s the most secure cloud infrastructure and protected by Amazon’s highest security standards.
  • Transparency: We provide full transparency about our operations and the node status through an open communication channel and live status. Our team agreed to go through KYC with Radix. Topradixnode will start validator service with the team’s Radix token investment.
  • Maintenance & Availability: 24/7 availability with highest possible uptime. We have checks and balances in place to ensure all updates and optimisation done in time when needed to ensure high maintenance standards.
  • Optimal Location: Our validator node is located in the USA and hosted by AWS. This allows us to assure a 99.9% uptime.
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Radix Staking Guide
We apply a competitive commission fee of 1.99% on staking rewards
How Staking Works?

Proof of stake is a transaction validation model used by DLT/blockchain platforms as an alternative to Proof of Work. Radix uses Delegated Proof of Stake (dPOS) mechanism, which allows users to delegate their XRD tokens to validator nodes to support the security and operations of the network in return for rewards.
Delegating XRD tokens to a validator node does not mean you give up ownership or control over your tokens. Instead, you lock your tokens in your wallet to receive rewards through the validator node.
Download the Radix Desktop Wallet, load up the wallet with XRD, select the validator nodes you want to delegate your stake to, and delegate at least 100 XRD to start earning staking “emissions” rewards of yearly 300 million XRD which will be distributed in proportion to locked XRD tokens.

Our Team
Meet a Crew of Professionals
Fintech Professional, Radix ambassador and Impahla co-founder
Leyla Jafarova
Marketing Manager
WhatsApp Image 2021-06-19 at 20.03.19
Elnur Mammadov, MSc
DevOps Engineer
Gamar Karimli
Graphic Designer
Node Status
Recent Average Uptime
Happy Stakers
Radix News
And Events From Our Blog
Stokenet validating
Topradixnode is now running Stokenet

Topradixnode successfully connected to Stokenet and now contributing to Radix public test network as a validator. We are looking forward…

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Topradixnode launching on 1st July 2021
Topradixnode launching on 1st July 2021
Radix Olympia Mainnet Is Coming — June 30th 2021

Radix Olympia Mainnet Is Coming — June 30th 2021

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