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Start Staking with Topradixnode

Follow the steps to start staking your $XRD with Topradixnode

Click on each image for further details 

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The XRD token is available in multiple exchanges such as Bitfinex, MEXC, Kucoin etc. Click on the image for further guidance.


Download Radix Wallet

Radix unveiled plans for a next-gen cryptocurrency wallet for Web3 users. Click on the image to download the current version of the wallet  and  transfer your tokens from the exchange to start staking . 


Stake with Topradixnode

Once you have successfully transferred your XRD tokens from the exchange to your wallet, you're ready to start earning rewards through staking. Simply navigate to your wallet and click on the "Stake" button. Next, add the Topradixnode Validator ID to begin staking. For quick access to the validator ID, just click on the Topradixnode logo above. 

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